Motul 8068HL RBF 600 Factory Line Dot-4 100 Percent Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid - 500 ml

Número de parte 8068HL


Proveedor: Motul

This can be used for hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems requiring a non-silicone synthetic fluid. It is specially designed to resist to high temperature of racing actuated brake (steel or carbon) and clutch systems. It exceeds DOT 5.1 and DOT 3 standards also, except for viscosity at -40 degree centigrade (-40 degree Fahrenheit). The extreme thermal resistance and stability is due to the very high boiling point (312 degree centigrade / 594 degree Fahrenheit) hence superior to conventional DOT 5.1 non silicone base / DOT 5 silicone base fluids (260 degree centigrade / 500 degree Fahrenheit mini) and DOT 4 (230 degree centigrade / 446 degree Fahrenheit mini) and enables an effective brake even under extreme conditions. It is efficient when rainy where the very high wet boiling point (205 degree centigrade / 401 degree Fahrenheit) superior to conventional DOT 5.1 non-silicone base fluid (180 degree centigrade / 356 degree Fahrenheit mini) and DOT 4 (155 degree centigrade / 311 degree Fahrenheit mini) enables to keep an efficient brake system. DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids have the property to absorb humidity in the air, which reduces their boiling points and increases the risk to get to "vapor lock" phenomena. The wet boiling point is measured by humidifying the product with about 3.5 percentage of water.

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