JDM ASTAR 1200 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets 3056 3156 3057 3157 LED Bulbs with Projector , Xenon White

Número de parte JDM ASTAR-3157-TJ-14



6000K xenon white color Lighting Output:1200 lumens for each bulb. Application: Fog lights , DRL. Waterproof: IP65. Voltage:12V to 24V. Wattage: 8w. Lifespan: 10000 working hours. Non polar design Derived from European union E4 standard design Excellent heat dissipation design for maximum performance Improved brightness, which will benefit your driving experience compatible with most American, Japanese ,and European vehicles. The bulb might throw the error code for some vehicles with built-in canbus system .

Warning!!!...Don't be fooled by the fake seller and counterfeit product!!)... JDM ASTAR is the Amazon registered brand . We never authorize other seller to sell our products... Please check the seller name before you place the order... Select the JDM ASTAR instead of others who list here not identical product by lowering prices only a little to take advantage of the reputation built by JDM ASTAR . The counterfeit bulb doesn't even have driving IC and resistor. It not safe.

If you receive the product from fake seller , You can file A to Z gurantee claim to get your money back without returning the counterfeit product " Also, please report the violation at ....... /gp/help/reports/contact-us.

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