POTAUTO MAP 1003C Heavy Activated Carbon Car Cabin Air Filter Replacement compatible with Acura, Honda

Número de parte MAP 1003C


Proveedor: Potauto

WHY to replace / upgrade with Potauto?

1.) Reducing at least 98% of these contaminants (Dust, Pollen, Exhaust Gas, Bacteria, Particles of 5-100 microns...etc.) from the air passing through the filter & entering the interior of the vehicle (cabin).

2.) Adsorbing the airborne infectious agents & allergens, which aggravate respiratory diseases, by different filter layers.

3.) Enhancing the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) efficiency.

WHEN to replace with Potauto?

1.) Routine maintenance: Change filter every 12 months or 12, 000-15, 000 miles (Please refer to the owners manual recommendations).

2.) Check & replace filter if peculiar smell / odors emit from the cabin air outlets.

7.) Check & replace filter if the vehicle HVAC system operates with poor performance, or humming, or weak air volume.

Thank you for choosing POTAUTO Auto Parts!

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