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Computadora del Motor para Isuzu I-Mark 1985 Marca CARDONE Remanufacturado Número de Parte 77-7077..

Est@ Computadora del Motor es un repuesto marca CARDONE y le sirve a los siguientes modelos:

  • Isuzu I-Mark año(s) 1985

Part #: 77-7077
Precio: US$ 212,99
US$ 101,75
Disponibles: 35

Bobina de Encendido para Isuzu I-Mark 1986 Marca STANDARD MOTOR Número de Parte UF-103..

Additional Info:

Our ignition coils use 100% pure copper windings in the primary and secondary bobbins to improve durability and provide higher resistance to internal shorts and dielectric breakdown. Our premium ignition coils consist of a special blended formula for the best performance, longest life and better heat dissipation. A full E-Lam core of silicon steel and solid brass high voltage terminals protects against corrosion. Our ignition coils are built for maximum output voltage. Primary and Secondary windings feature enamel magnet wire for the highest temperature rating in the aftermarket. As a tier I manufacturer with engineering and design capabilities second to none, our ignition coils are of robust design and the highest quality standards. Standard is a global manufacturer of original equipment ignition products, complete quality control is maintained through the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product.

36 Month / 36000 Miles

Part #: UF-103
Precio: US$ 45,09
US$ 20,71
Disponibles: 35

Bobina de Encendido para Isuzu I-Mark 1986 Marca STANDARD Número de Parte UF103T..

Additional Info:

High efficiency laminations optimize magnetic field build-up to produce high spark energy and reliable performance. Standard(R) T-Series DIS ignition coil terminals are steel or aluminum, as indicated by OE.

36 Month / 36000 Miles

Part #: UF103T
Precio: US$ 51,71
US$ 20,81
Disponibles: 35


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