TYC 800157P Hyundai Sonata Replacement Cabin Air Filter

Número de parte 800157P


Proveedor: Genera Corporation

Contaminants from daily driving are drawn into the cabin of the vehicle through the heating/air conditioning system and are then filtered through the Cabin Air Filter or CAF. When clean, the CAF provides for efficient and prolonged operation of your vehicles heating/AC system as well as protecting passengers from noxious particulate debris drawn in from the outside road environment. Pollens, allergens, various fuel based contaminants all pass into and are filtered by your Cabin Air Filter. CAF's are used in approximately 80 percentage of all cars built since 2000 and should be changed every year. With the easy, step-by-step installation instructions included in every package, it takes a lot less time than you think to replace your own cabin air filter. From the tradition of high quality automotive products, you can expect TYC Cabin Air Filters to deliver performance and quality you would expect from original parts at a fraction of the cost. To get clean, fresh air moving through your vehicle again, install a quality, TYC replacement Cabin Air Filter.



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