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En ingles: Ignition Wires.
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Juego de cables de bujía para Kia Sportage 1995 Marca B&B MANUFACTURING Número de Parte #S4-39305..

Est@ Juego de cables de bujía es un repuesto marca B&B MANUFACTURING y le sirve a los siguientes modelos:

  • Kia Sportage año(s) 1995

Part #: S4-39305
Precio: US$ 30,02
US$ 10,68
Disponibles: 35

Juego de cables de bujía para Kia Sportage 1995 Marca BOSCH Número de Parte #09440..

Additional Info:

Bosch Wiresets are equiped with 100% pure silicone jacket for a superior lifetime performance.Snug fitting OEM-Style silicone boots to ensure proper fit, function, and appearance while providing extreme durability for a long life of performance.

Part #: 09440
Precio: US$ 47,99
US$ 19,35
Disponibles: 35

Juego de cables de bujía para Kia Sportage 1995 Marca AC Delco Número de Parte #964C..


ACDelco Professional Spark Plug Wire Sets are engineered with strength enhancing fiberglass and high temperature silicone insulators. These spark plug wires are a premium aftermarket offering that covers over 96% of domestic vehicles on the road today. Parts offered for GM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles. ACDelco Professional Spark Plug Wire Sets are designed to match the fit, form, and function found on new vehicles.

Further Details:

Designed to be an ideal replacement for your vehicle's worn equipment, ACDelco Professional, premium aftermarket Auto Wire and Auto Cable products are built to meet nearly every application and budget. Many battery cable sets feature copper alloy terminals and factory crimping for outstanding performance. Select wire sets have high efficiency conductive silicone, metallic silicone, or magnetic suppression cores. We meet or exceed most original manufacturers' specifications.Built to exacting specifications, and extensively tested, ACDelco Auto Wires and Auto Cables includes our Original Equipment line for GM vehicles and a select offering of premium aftermarket Professional products for GM and non-GM vehicles. ACDelco Wires and Cables include high-quality spark plug wire sets, battery cables, pigtail connectors, lamp sockets and trailer connectors.

Wire conductor, wire length, and diameter help provide maximum spark delivery and protection Spark plug distributor boot shape and materials provide proper fit, installation, and water-tight seal Terminal design improves spark plug retention and assists installation with excellent corrosion resistance Insulator employs high dielectric materials Coil retainer prevents fretting and micro-arcing Strength enhancing components and thick, high temperature insulation jacket for outstanding resistance to heat, oil, and abrasion while promoting durability and protection
USA: Limited Lifetime as long as original purchaser owns vehicle. (Parts Only)

Part #: 964C
Precio: US$ 35,02
US$ 18,15
Disponibles: 35

Juego de Botas para Bobina de Encendido - 6 Botas para Toyota Camry 2007 Toyota RAV4 2007 Marca DENSO Número de Parte #671-6311..

Additional Info:

COP Boots-6DENSO First Time Fit COP boot sets are identical in form, fit, color and performance to the factory-installed boots. Every part of each COP boot set construction meets or exceeds OE/OES standards.

Part #: 671-6311
Precio: US$ 115,99
US$ 41,99
Disponibles: 35

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